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Beneath the surface of the tooth lies soft tissue called the pulp. Within the pulp lies a system of nerve endings, blood vessels and connective tissues that are instrumental to the tooth during its developmental stage. When this pulp becomes infected or inflamed, it can cause damage to the rest of the tooth. Infection or inflammation can be caused by a number of reasons including: a crown that was not effective, decay that has reached the roots of the tooth and a crack or chip in the tooth, among other things.

Dr. Luke performs these root canal procedures with the goal of saving the tooth. Modern day root canals are almost the same as getting a routine filling, and our Starfire Dental team aims to give our patients the most comfortable experience that we can. These procedures are performed by removing the inflamed or infected pulp and then the inside of the tooth is cleaned and filled with a rubber-like material to seal it off.

The many advantages to having a root canal not only include saving the tooth, but it also relieves pain and discomfort that was caused by the inflammation or infection. It also returns normal function of the tooth such as chewing, and it prevents further wear on the surrounding teeth.

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