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The human teeth are considered to be the strongest structure in the body, relative to their size. As strong as they are, they are still susceptible to compromise. When factors such as genetics, poor dental hygiene, poor diet, and improper biting are introduced, the tooth can decay causing a cavity in the tooth, this can lead to sensitivity and if untreated may lead to larger infections. One of the ways to correct this problem is by filling the cavity with a tooth colored composite filling.

In years past, fillings were made of a number of different metal compounds, known as amlgam or silver fillings, that would replace the cavity areas. These silver fillings lead to fractures of the natural tooth and leak over time, leading to new cavities under the filling. With the advancement of dental science, Dr. Luke Jacobsen is able to provide dental fillings that not only look like the original tooth, but also act like the natural tooth.

The benefits of getting new resin composite fillings include a more natural looking restoration, better function, and a bonded layer of protection, allowing the tooth to act as if it had never had decay. Composite “tooth colored” fillings are just one of the ways that Starfire Dental helps you achieve that healthy, natural smile. Come in today and see if natural colored fillings are a fit for you! 

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